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Upcoming Photography Workshops & Tours

I really like working with individuals and small groups. My tours are less about optimal comfort but optimal seeing and experiencing. Whatever your level of photography skill, you'll be making better images than you can imagine possible because you'll have an experienced photographer and teacher, an enthusiast about the best locations and times of the day to really be there, to sink in, and marinate in it.

Generally, for expenses to work, I need a minimum of two participants to set things into motion. My preference is to keep the number to four or less.

On a group tour of 6,8,10,15 people, it's just not possible to blend into the environment without causing a disruption to what's going on around the group bubble. I also like the small group format because it allows us more connection and spontaneity. I keep track of peoples interests and best times of the year. When there are at least two, we can start the plans!  

Here are some upcoming workshops and tours: 


Along the sacred Ganges River, VaranasiAlong a sacred river.


Varanasi and the Ganges River: Experience the wonders of the oldest continually inhabited city in the world on one of the most revered and sacred rivers on the planet. 

2016/2017/2018 tours planned.

RajasthanWe'll explore the ancient desert kingdoms that still radiate color and old world beauty.


Rajasthan: Explore the ancient desert kingdoms that still radiate color and old world beauty. 

2016/2017/2018 tours planned.

Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, NepalKathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

2017/2018 tours planned

Himalayas, NepalHimalayas, NepalHimalayas, Nepal

Himalayas, Nepal

2017/2018 tours planned

Exciting, personable workshops provide you with an opportunity to deepen your photographic skills while improving your photography!

India photography tours include: photography tours in Varanasi, photography tours of the Taj Mahal, photography tours in Rajasthan, photography tours of Ladakh & Kashmir. Southeast Asia photography tours include photo tours in Myanmar/Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.