Raku Loren Photography | Best Massage in the San Rafael area. Deep tissue therapeutic massage from a master bodyworker.

"One of the best, the very best massages i've had in my whole life - period."



Deep tissue and trigger point, relaxing & therapeutic
restructuring body breath and mind
Deep Massage
Next to China Camp State Park in San Rafael, California
from a very experienced and deeply intuitive bodyworker ~

Andes MountainsPeru, 2015

Raku in Peruvian Andes taking it all in! 
Photography, Yoga & Thai Massage Teaching Tour, 2015

Hello, my name is Raku. I have over twenty years of experience in various forms of therapeutic bodywork including:

Deep Tissue
Trigger Point Release
Sports Massage
Sweedish long stroke
and Reike healing energy



Bodywork sessions are only scheduled by appointment. 
Please contact me to confirm availability:


Current Rates:


2hr deep tissue therapeutic massage $250
(First time $220)

The restructuring work happens best in groups!

Ten (2hr treatments) $2200
(2hr treatments) $1500
Add 30% for house calls.

If you'd like to know, a little more about me:
I have worked as a bodyworker all over the world, including both coasts of this country, the mountains of western Switzerland, and in the Caribbean where I taught a Thai massage workshop to professional massage practitioners in the spring of 2015. I recently taught a bodywork workshops at California State University at San Francisco to undergraduate students.

My education background is in science, anatomy & physiology, and in teaching upper level sciences. My own practice includes meditation and yoga. I also teach meditation and yoga in the community and for private clients.

My massage space is perfectly situated for your easy connection. I have extensive experience in athletics myself including doing bodywork on elite athletes as well as coaching distance runners. 

I work well with athletes and people who are motivated to create real transformation in their bodies and minds.

Thank you and I look forward to our meeting.

Here's a review that a client wrote in September 2015:

"A lot of people I know seem to have a body worker that they claim works miracles.  I have seen some of them over the years and their work, while perfectly good, has never even approached the miraculous.    

My miracle worker is Raku Loren.  A few weeks ago I had a 3 day incident with my lower back that culminated with me in so much pain that I could not stand up straight, and I literally had to crawl to the bathroom when I got up in the morning.  When I came to see Raku later that day, I basically collapsed onto his massage table because the pain was so intense that I couldn't lower myself down gently.  Raku worked on me for about an hour.  When I got up, I was still in a lot of pain and had use a cane to walk up the stairs, but he told me that in an hour or two I would probably start to feel my lower back loosen up and the pain would ease. Lo and behold, about 90 minutes later I noticed that the pain seemed to be largely gone, and half an hour later when I dared to try to roll off of my bed, I was able to stand up and walk relatively pain free.  I saw Raku the next morning for another session, at the end of which it was almost as if the whole incident with my back had never happened.  I don't know quite how he did it, but boy is he skillful, and a really nice guy to boot."

- Elliot C.



China Camp State Park: cycling, running, hiking, or just exploring?


Sunset view from near the massage space -- an energetically special location.

IMG_6251-3_proofIMG_6251-3_proofSpectacular sunset September 2015




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