Raku Loren Photography | Santa Catalina Monastery
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Background Information
The Monasterio de Santa Catalina is one of the visual gems Peru has to offer for visitors who are curious, who like to take a little more time to soak up the vibe of a place, and particularly for those who have an eye for photography. This visually stunning part of Peruvian history is best experienced by moving slowly and watching how the light changes over a big chunk of a day.
Built as a monastery for nuns, women who entered the nunnery were Creole, mestizo and even daughters of chiefs. Only in 1964 did the first Spanish nuns enter the monastery. In 1579, Dona Maria de Guzman was authorized as the "first settler and prioress of the Monastery”.
Built during the 16th and 17th centuries in the Moorish Mudèjar style, an architectural fusion of Muslim and Christian architectural traditions. Vibrant colors and the shapes of the cultures who were living together, literally side by side in the Iberian Peninsula from the 12th century onwards. Architectural lines are influenced by the flowing curves of ancient scripts such as Arabic and utilize repetitive rhythmic patterns. The complex is 20,000 square meters in size and while nuns still live in part of the complex, a large portion is open to the public. Images©2016RakuLorenPhotography