Raku Loren Photography | Photography Workshops

   1081_RakuPhoto_1602181081_RakuPhoto_160218Mandalay, Myanmar 2016

Workshops in planning for the next few years: Oaxaca, Sri Lanka, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, Nepal.

Join me for a tour or connect it into part of your larger international adventure.

Experience some of the most sacred and beautiful places at the ideal times of the day for being in the energy of the place and for making stunning images. As your guide, i'll support your image making growth so that you'll come away with amazing images, day after day.


Improving your photography is like learning and practicing a different language.

Doing it everyday with intention and guidance will boost your skills, confidence, and image making ability. It's fun to learn and practice in a small group where we can edit and share our visual and energetic experiences.


Improve your photography in some of the most amazing places on the planet -- join me on a photographic and cultural immersion experience. Contact me for details on one of the listed tours or creating your own.


*photo:Raku Loren 2016*