Raku Loren Photography | Following In The Footsteps Of The Buddha ⦿ A Journey Through Rural India
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I recently started one of my own pilgrimages: to travel through and learn about some of the most important places in Buddhist history.

The Indian state of Bihar contains several of the most significant places that were important during the Buddha's lifetime. The region boarders the southern edge of Nepal and stretches down through the vast plains of northern India.

It remains one of the least developed parts of India. Travel is more challenging here -- but the rewards that are sometimes the most meaningful take a little more work, a little more flexibility.

These images are the first parts as a photo story that illustrate the places, people, and feeling of this part of the world -- still vitally important to Buddhists from all around the world.

With some added contextual information, I hope that a potent selection of these images can really convey something authentic about these places, as they are now in time. The thread of history in its complex weave back to the ever radiant heart of the Buddha.

The photographs also remind us of the eternal quest for truth, peace, and happiness. Our quest was the Buddha's quest. These places illustrate Buddha's journey, in the modern day, through the eyes of a westerner, fumbling through India -- in awe. ⦿
Rajgir, BiharBodh Gaya, BiharNalanda, Bihar