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(PHOTO) Michael, a photography student on a Worldwide Insight Photography Tour, exploring the trails and villages of the Nepalese Himalaya.

A recent workshop participant worked one on one for four weeks, exploring the best of South Asia. He wanted to split his time between Nepal and India. We attended local festivals and hiked in the Himalayas for two weeks. Then we visited the Taj Mahal in India and spent a week along the sacred Ganges River in Varanasi. His photography improved dramatically whilst having profound and really meaningful life experiences.I work with individuals and couples to have incredible cultural immersion experiences.

Join me for part of your international adventure!

I'll take you to see and experience the most beautiful places and at the best times of the day or evening. We'll also practice photography and improve our skills so when you return home, you'll have images that will blow peoples' socks off!!

Improving your photography is like learning a new language.
Practicing everyday with intention and guidance will sharply increase your skills and confidence.

Improve YOUR photography in amazing places -- join me on a photographic cultural immersion experience!
Contact me for details on creating a tour.

*Image ©Raku Loren*
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