Raku Loren Photography | Hello AirBnB Hosts,

I am a Photographer & High Definition Videographer. I can travel.
I am an experienced photojournalist, massage therapist, yogi, and long ago, a middle school science teacher. I enjoy permaculture, sustainable living practices, surfing and swimming in the ocean, great movies, and of course -- photography!

Some of the services that I am offering AirBnB hosts to better promote their rental offerings:
I make video walk-throughs with the owner, describing each area and all of the things they want the guest to know about in a friendly and enthusiastic way.
This can be used to promote the place on Youtube and Facebook. Increasing visibility like this can only increase bookings.
The other part of this is I burn the film onto a DVD, that can be watched the guest arrives or during their stay. Guests can also refer to it to figure out how something works that may be unclear to them. I'll edit it and organize it so a person can watch it all the way through or by chapters, each for a separate part of the house and property. It might look something like this:
A welcoming introduction, a walk through of the areas for all of the amenities and interesting aspects, common and possibly unusual problem solving, and finally contact options.
We can also include a walk around of the landscape. Plants, trees and other cool parts of the landscaping to understand and enjoy. I can also do the short 30 second AirBnB introduction in a way that feels casual, friendly, and engaging.
So if you think this would help you get some more bookings, contact me and let's discuss details.
-Raku Loren

Here's some price info:
High-def video walk-through, editing, DVD authoring: $500
AirBnB website beautiful 30 sec video introduction, edited and ready to go: $80 with video package, $125 a la carte.
High resolution images, edited and polished to look their absolute best: $100 with video package, $200 a la carte.

Small investments for many more bookings over time!
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